A Poem: Believing

April 3, 2022


Like no other,

Your unconditional love fills me

To the depths of my soul,

Transcending my doubts,

Letting the everlasting spark light

In my heart,

Sight cleared of blindness,

Ears hearing, at last,

Your voice rising in splendor.


The blessed Eucharist,

Sanctifying the spirit,

Overflowing with graces,

Fills my heart and mind with peace,

Animating the soul with life;

Lord, I can live again

Because You did,

Opening the gates of Heaven

Not so that I could give up,

But so that I could keep striving,

Believing in Your promises.

Even when every road

Seems to be a dead end,

You remind me

That it isn’t finished,

Your love is infinite,

Yours is a plan

Not of conclusions, but beginnings,

A circle of eternities

Flowing back to the wellspring of Your mercy.



I say to Thee.

Anima Christi:

The soul, the life

Of which I sing.


By: Kathryn Sadakierski

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  • I have been following you, thru a member of your parish Vincent Deluge, who worked with me in Pittsburgh, Pa. St. Luke’s Church. that wswhen we originally developed the design, interior and liturgical/sacred and devotional space about 30 years ago. he told me to about Father and your vision, so i have been listening… it is like the church design i just finished, St. borromeo, Visalia which seats 3,200. everything was massive, yet had to feel like nothing was distant. 80 were hispanic. no money… with time it became their sacred space. i am sure you will create the same…. because father is like Fr. Alex – a visionary and a doer… God Bless you all.
    rolf r. rohn,
    Liturgical artist and designer – 60 years and 2,600 projects later…